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Inclusive Innovation and
Entrepreneurship Network

Welcome to the Inclusive Innovation and
Entrepreneurship Network!

The Inclusive Innovation and Entrepreneurship Network (IIE-Net) partnership brings together a multidisciplinary team of 45 researchers and 76 partners from Canada and around the world to understand the state of entrepreneurship by women, Indigenous peoples, racialized and immigrant entrepreneurs, those with disabilities and other equity deserving groups including the barriers they face and strategies to enable their success. Informed by a critical ecological model which address societal, organization and individual issues,the project will explore evidence-based policies and practices to promote a more inclusive ecosystem.

Housed at the Diversity Institute, this project builds on the success of the Women Entrepreneurship knowledge Hub (WEKH) research, work with the Future Skills Centre and a range of programs targeting women and equity-deserving groups including WEHub and NEH. WEKH’s research, partnerships and network of regional hubs. The IIE-Net project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) with more than $2 million over 6 years with contributions from corporate, post-secondary and community partners.

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The Inclusive Innovation and Entrepreneurship Network (IIE-Net) operates under the guidance of 5 committees and 1 sub-committee with the support of the Secretariat housed at the Diversity Institute.

Advisory Committee

  • Represents the diversity of the network and provides guidance to the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

  • Provides the project direction and oversight and ensures the project delivers on the objectives.

Knowledge Mobilization Committee

  • Ensures the opportunities are identified, targets are set and tracked, and that presentations, workshops, conferences, and media outputs are monitored with relevant metrics.

Partnerships Committee

  • Coordinates and maintains connections with users of knowledge produced by IIE-Net.

Scientific Committee

  • Reviews the progress and solicits feedback from partners on research plans, methodologies, and results.

Statistics Canada sub-committee

  • Discuss Statistics Canada data applications and usage for the IIE-NET project